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Dunsborough Concrete Contractors - Concreting in Yallingup

We serve domestic and commercial clients throughout the South West of WA

Yallingup, Western Australia offers one of the the most idyllic lifestyles in the country. DUNSBOROUGH CONCRETE CONTRACTORS understands the tastes and local elements that allow us to deliver outstanding results for your concreting project in Yallingup.

If you are in Yallingup and are looking to lay an Exposed Aggregate Driveway, House Pad, Shed Slab or any other concrete service, DUNSBOROUGH CONCRETE CONTRACTORS offers a complete range of Contracting Services.

Whether you are a Yallingup home owner, builder or business owner, rely on our expertise and no-nonsense advice to deliver outstanding results. If your project is for a driveway, pathway, pool surround, patio or alfresco area – request a quote now.


At the core of our business is a drive to produce quality outcomes. This is achieved by our skilled and experienced team using the highest quality materials.


We pride ourselves on our reliability which has fostered most of our long-term client base.


We are at the forefront of our industry, employing the latest technology and techniques and accepting of the most challenging tasks.
Dunsborough Concrete Contractors

Concreting Services in Yallingup

Exposed Aggregate in the Yallingup region

Exposed Aggregate Driveways - Yallingup
Exposed Aggregate Pool Surrounds - Yallingup
Exposed Aggregate Patio & Alfrescos - Yallingup
Exposed Aggregate Pathways - Yallingup
Coloured Concrete in the Yallingup region

Coloured Concrete Driveways - Yallingup
Coloured Concrete Pool Surrounds - Yallingup
Coloured Concrete Patio & Alfrescos - Yallingup
Coloured Concrete Pathways - Yallingup
Retaining Walls & Edging in the Yallingup region

Retaining Walls - Yallingup
Garden Edging - Yallingup
Concreting Garden Edging - Yallingup
Concrete Road Edging - Yallingup
Concreting Driveway Edging - Yallingup
Concrete Removal in the Yallingup region

Concrete Removal - Yallingup
Concrete Demolition - Yallingup
Liquid Limestone in the Yallingup region

Liquid Limestone Driveways - Yallingup
Liquid Limestone Pool Surrounds - Yallingup
Liquid Limestone Patio & Alfrescos - Yallingup
Liquid Limestone Pathways - Yallingup
Underfloor Heating in the Yallingup region

Underfloor Heating - Yallingup
Standard Concrete services in the Yallingup region

House Pads - Yallingup
Shed Slabs - Yallingup
Car ports - Yallingup
Hard Stand - Yallingup
Concrete Footings - Yallingup
Garage & Sheds - Yallingup Concrete Formwork - Yallingup
Concrete Sealing in the Yallingup region

Sealing Concrete Driveways - Yallingup
Sealing Concrete Pool Surrounds - Yallingup
Sealing Concrete Patio & Alfrescos - Yallingup
Sealing Concrete Pathways - Yallingup

Why Choose Dunsborough Concrete?

Our extensive experience in the complete range of contracting services of over 20 years, enables us to deliver exceptional service, expert advice and outstanding results. We are happy to talk through the various construction and surface options with you so that you can make a well-informed decision based on your budget and the finish you desire.

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