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Yallingup, Western Australia offers one of the the most idyllic rural lifestyles in Western Australia. DUNSBOROUGH CONCRETE CONTRACTORS understands the tastes and local elements that allow us to deliver outstanding results for your concreting project in Yallingup. Whether you are looking to lay an Exposed Aggregate Driveway, or a Liquid Limestone Pool Surround, DUNSBOROUGH CONCRETE CONTRACTORS offers a complete range of Contracting Services.

Whether you are a Yallingup home owner, builder or business owner, rely on our expertise and no-nonsense advice to deliver outstanding results. If your project is for a driveway, pathway, pool surround, patio or alfresco area - request a quote now.



We provide no obligation quotes for any of the concreting services we offer.


Susanne Mills


Adam was very professional and sympathetic to my needs and budget. Him and his team did fantastic work and we we're very happy with the finished job. We would recommend Dunsborough Concrete Contractors for any concreting works.


Exposed Aggregate in the Yallingup region

Exposed Aggregate Driveways - Yallingup

Exposed Aggregate Pool Surrounds - Yallingup

Exposed Aggregate Patio & Alfrescos - Yallingup

Exposed Aggregate Pathways - Yallingup

Coloured Concrete in the Yallingup region

Coloured Concrete Driveways - Yallingup

Coloured Concrete Pool Surrounds - Yallingup

Coloured Concrete Patio & Alfrescos - Yallingup

Coloured Concrete Pathways - Yallingup

Stencilled Concrete in the Yallingup region

Stencil & Textured Concrete Driveways - Yallingup

Stencil & Textured Concrete Pool Surrounds - Yallingup

Stencil & Textured Concrete Patio & Alfrescos - Yallingup

Stencil & Textured Concrete Pathways - Yallingup

Retaining Walls & Edging in the Yallingup region

Garden Edging - Yallingup

Concrete Landscaping - Yallingup

Coloured Concrete Patio & Alfrescos - Yallingup

Coloured Concrete Pathways - Yallingup

Liquid Limestone in the Yallingup region

Liquid Limestone Driveways - Yallingup

Liquid Limestone Pool Surrounds - Yallingup

Liquid Limstone Patio & Alfrescos - Yallingup

Liquid Limestone Pathways - Yallingup

Concrete Resurfacing in the Yallingup region

Decorative Concrete Driveways - Yallingup

Resurface Concrete Pool Surrounds - Yallingup

Resurface Concrete Patio & Alfrescos - Yallingup

Resurface Concrete Pathways - Yallingup

Paving in the Yallingup region

Driveway Paving - Yallingup

Paved Pool Surrounds - Yallingup

Paved Patios & Alfrescos - Yallingup

Paved Pathways - Yallingup

Paved BBQ Areas - Yallingup

Standard Concrete services in the Yallingup region

House Pads - Yallingup

Shed Slabs - Yallingup

Hard Stand - Yallingup

Concrete Sealing in the Yallingup region

Sealing Concrete Driveways - Yallingup

Sealing Concrete Pool Surrounds - Yallingup

Sealing Concrete Patio & Alfrescos - Yallingup

Sealing Concrete Pathways - Yallingup